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Library table for re-leathering and re-hand french polishing
Restoration of fire damaged commode
Re-French polishing of dressing table
Re-leathering of writing box
Cleaning brass work and re-waxing of coal bucket
Re-polishing of gate leg dining table
Re-French polishing and cleaning of handles to kidney dressing table
Stripping and re-polishing of side table
Stripping of dresser and waxing
Re-assembling and re-uplholstering French dining chair
Reviving smoke damaged tall boy

This is an example of broadening the base of the long case.
Colour blending and completely stripping and re-polishing the whole case.
Replace missing handles and re-French polishing of side table
A new base made from oak for long case clock and completely re-finished

Original chair.
Replica chair waiting to be leathered.
Traditional antique hand painted finish to French armoire
Hand finishing to fine Brazilian mahogony lavatory seats
This is a copy that I made of a 17th century ash mural cupboard, finished with homemade bees wax
Mahogany card table with sun bleached finish, stripped, re-coloured and hand french polished




This table was stripped and limed for a Swiss skiing lodge


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